Love 2 Dance
Love 2 Dance

Our History

Love2Dance was established in 2004 to share our love of dance. After teaching in local restaurants and clubs for years, we decided it was time to build our own studio. We took a two year hiatus from teaching, put our tool belts on, and built our studio from the ground up. It is truly a labor of love. Our new studio officially opened for classes in 2012. Our goal is to get the whole world dancing one student at time.

Your Instructors

Kelly Wilson

Kelly has spent years perfecting his technique and style and can relate well to people who don't know how to dance, as he often tells his students; "Being good has nothing to do with talent, being good has more to do with your heart and character. The patterns you learn eventually become muscle memory, like knowing typewriter keys. Patterns are like railroad tracks for a train, without those steel rails for guidance the train cannot go anywhere; with them, they become your gateway not only to freedom on the dance floor but also a changed life. Dancing changes people and opens doors." Kelly has taught for Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire Studio and in private studios and clubs. With a gift of teaching and a passion for dance it's a match made in heaven.

Tammy Wilson

"Dancing in partnership is the ultimate dance experience. Your skill level increases when you have to work together and trust your partner. Moving in unison enhances my feeling of grace and beauty. I call it the 'Cinderella Factor,' that's how I feel when I'm dancing the smooth dances with Kelly." Tammy has a dance background in ballet, jazz, and tap. She has spent several years using her skills in community theatre, both as a performer and choreographer. Tammy loves ballroom with a special affection for the Latin dances.

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