Love 2 Dance
Love 2 Dance

"In partnership dance the gentlemen lead and the ladies follow.
We didn't make the rules, we just abide by them."



  • When should we start taking lessons?
    Why wait? Ideally three months prior to your wedding is best because, as we all know, the closer you get to your special day the crazier your schedule becomes. We recommend one lesson per week. This allows for practice time in between lessons, but not too much time that you may forget what you have learned. The number of lessons you are planning on taking will determine how far out you need to start. However, we have had couples come to us within days of their big event. For added enjoyment for your wedding guests, you may want to have a dance lesson at your reception or rehearsal dinner.
  • How do we pick our song?
    We recommend that you choose a song that is meaningful to you. No matter the style of music, we can create a dance that will be memorable for your big day.
  • What should I wear?
    Casual light stretchy attire allows for ease of movement. It is best to avoid sneakers, rubber sole, or spike-heel shoes.

Dance Tips

  • Practice
    Daily practice allows you to ramp up your muscle memory. Remember, you don't have to have your partner to practice. You can practice anytime you have a few spare minutes.
  • Ladies
    Be the best follow you can be. Work on your own technique and don't worry about your partner's leading ability, leading is tougher than you think. If you hang in there and let him lead, you will be pleasantly surprised how good he gets.
  • Gentlemen
    On the dance floor is the only time you get to be in charge of the lady. Gentleman take advantage of that. You will learn the techniques that allow you to become confident in your leading abilities quickly.
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